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Our Services

Relevant value created by Alumni for Alumni.

The best option for those focused on increasing the level of overall life enrichment for themselves and their families.

The perfect option for Alumni Business Professionals wishing to optimize the power of their relationships within their Alumni Community.

  • Basic Personal Profile

    Accessibility to an online directory of University Alumni throughout the country. Easily searchable with a robust set of traditional and enhanced filters including State, University, Profession and more.
  • Community Master Directory

    Each member receives a general profile containing basic contact information but can also enhance their profile by populating additional information fields enabling a higher search profile and access to other like-minded Alumni for positive engagement and networking.
  • Career Development Services

    Alumni Direct searches for and consolidates the accessibility of professional career services and tools generated by Alumni for Alumni within University specific communities. These services include:
    • National & Regional Job Postings
    • Internships
  • Alumni Direct Perks & Exclusive Offers

    Alumni Direct uses the power and size of its master community to forge exclusive saving opportunities and benefits with popular, nationally branded dining establishments, product retailers, hotels, theme parks, leisure travel retailers and more!
  • Business Directory Basic

    Premiere level members also have access to a separate business directory featuring regional and national Alumni owned businesses who provide many opportunities for professional and overall lifestyle enhancement.
  • Professional Services Network

    Premiere level access to specific professional services that are crucial to an Alumni’s everyday well being. High demand services include:
    • Home Services
    • Leisure & Entertainment
    • Real Estate
    • Insurance
    • Financial/Lending/Investing
    • Medical
    • Student Loan Support
  • Personal Profile Spotlight

    Premier members will also have the ability to enhance their own personal brands by having their personal Alumni profiles spotlighted within the Master Community Directory. This spotlight is regularly rotated within the Master Community of Alumni Premier members.
  • INCLUDES ALL Premier Level Membership Benefits

    Business level membership includes complete access to all features and benefits of the Premier Member
  • Business Enhanced Personal Profile

    In addition to the general personal profile containing basic contact information, a Business member profile contains additional features that also allow for an enhanced presentation of their business profile including professional titles and certifications. In addition, the integration of their personal and business social media profiles is available so that their presence within the community is optimized for the highest level of engagement with other Alumni Direct members.
  • Advertising & Affinity Services

    With access to many marketing and advertising resources from both our internal team and preferred partners, Alumni Direct Personalized Marketing Associates will assist Business members in leveraging the right services and resources including:
    • Business Profile/Brand Page
    • Alumni Direct Business Marketing Content
    • Private Label Partnerships & Affinities
    • Alumni Direct Digital Marketing Channels
  • Alumni Community Centre*

    With Alumni to Alumni engagement being the primary mission of Alumni Direct, the establishment, growth and prosperity of University specific communities is a main focus. Business members will have exclusive access to their own university’s Community Centre giving them the opportunity for full engagement and business opportunities with like-minded Alumni who share their same collegiate loyalty and passion.