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About Alumni Direct

We are committed to real alumni enrichment

Founded in August 2017, Alumni Direct is an affinity-based enterprise that is focused on the development, optimization and scalability of online engagement communities within the broad national audience of college graduates and more precisely, the direct engagement and relational activities between university specific alumni.

Our primary mission is to efficiently manage an exclusive and scalable digital platform where direct alumni-to-alumni engagement is easily accessible and highly prioritized for the benefit of the overall community. By enabling collaborative interaction and purposeful opportunity sharing within our Alumni Community Centers, we expect to substantially increase the level of satisfaction and well being that alumni currently have regarding the holistic view of “life after college.”

As most active alumni will attest to, a significant amount of resources and relationships are leveraged to create a positive collegiate experience. While many consider the investment of these resources and relationships to be well worth it, they are regularly seeking new life value and tangible ROI from their personally valued status as a college graduate and university alumni.

It’s the Alumni Direct vision of “optimized engagement” that will dynamically facilitate this ROI through the community origination and delivery of a true “Lifetime Value Promise” created by Alumni for Alumni.